Window Regulator Repair

The super-heated dry air in the Las Vegas area has been known to do a number on window regulator systems. Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair has dealt with all manner of window regulator repair in our fifteen-plus years in business. Sometimes it starts with the rubber packing or plastics getting warped from the sun. This causes extra friction which wears the servos or pushes the window out of alignment causing it to stick. Whatever the case is with your window, we can have your glass rolling up and down smoothly again at an affordable price.

When your windows are stuck in one position or another or take forever to roll up or down, it is beyond annoying. Especially if it starts to downpour, or you just want to get your windows up so that your AC can get the interior of the car cold. Our team is certified, and we cover all of our repair jobs with a warranty. Don’t put off getting your window regulator repair done any longer. Our Mobile Auto Glass service will actually come to you at no charge! Just call our office and tell us a little about what is going on with your automatic windows and we will get you a precise quote along with an appointment for a repair. We can often get one of our technicians out the same day. So, call us today! Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair is waiting to assist you with all of your car window needs.

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